Peregrine gets in the way

A post by Peregrine

Girl and a Soldier graffiti by Banksy on the West Bank in BethlehemAs I was walking on a city street I saw a fight in progress. One man grabbed a long stick and chased another man to beat him. A third came in and also took a stick and started to beat the victim. My first thought was

“Stranger uses his size to stop these kinds of situations— what am I supposed to do?”

My next thought was, “Oh well” as I walked right into the midst of them and said, “Stop! What are you, animals? Can’t you discuss together?”

One of the aggressors put down his stick and tried to break it up. “A lady, a lady! Stop! A lady!”

The other had been drinking and was too engrossed in his fury, still holding his big stick, and accidentally swung it back into me. This triggered several observers to get involved, hold down the angry man, and stop the fight.

Do you think I did the right thing, or was it dangerous or unnecessary to step in? What else can you do to intervene when you don’t have size or strength to your advantage?

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