God vs. Man

picture by Andrew Kitzmiller
picture by Andrew Kitzmiller

If you’ve been reading this blog more than a year (or any other blog I’ve authored) you know I think American Christmas is a flashpoint for our greatest societal dilemmas. Will we put our faith in God, or will we trust in wealth and possessions? Which one do we celebrate? If an alien being observed our lives in December, what would they conclude that we were worshiping?

I’ve written more than enough on this topic, so for those of you for whom this isn’t old news, here are the two relevant posts from last year.

Spreading our Allegiances Thin

How We Worship in the Holiday Season

The first post develops the Biblical basis for how our celebration of Christmas has gone astray. The second post shares some practical ideas for how we can shape a Christmas that is better for our souls, one that lifts us up rather than weighs us down.

Have fun reading and a merry Christmas and holiday season to you!

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