Locked down in a little home (video)

I’ve never posted a video, but there’s a first time for everything. More firsts than usual in these strange days.


Last night we had been on local lockdown since Sunday when the prime minister ordered a complete national lockdown of 21 days. The order claims we cannot leave our home, though later clarifications appear to make it possible to buy foodstuffs. I had friends who warned me of this possibility beforehand, giving us a chance to stock a little, and thus our food situation will be simple yet survivable regardless of what happens. Without a fridge things like milk, fruit and vegetables may be considered luxuries soon. But we can survive.

The mental/social issues are more pressing. With a baby and a virtual teenager, 21 days without seeing friends, a park, trees, etc. will be quite the challenge. Just the four of us. We’ll see how little Shakeenah and big Shadia will manage.

There is also a feeling of vulnerability. What is really happening here? Are the cases worse than reported? Is it spreading in our slum already? If we need to go to the hospital for any other reason – a fall, a burn, dengue fever – will the hospital be even more overloaded than usual with cases? Will we be able to get help?

And that’s just us. Virtually all of our already poor neighbors are unable to work right now. Hundreds of millions without a job in the country, many of whom barely make enough to live one day at a time. The government has announced some aid but it sounds insufficient. Who will help them?

That’s the hard part. I hope the video itself is a bit lighter and gives you a little bit of comfort. We may be in a small place but it is cozy and I think we’ll make it.

3 thoughts on “Locked down in a little home (video)

  1. Peregrine here: I wanted to add from my perspective that the lack of space means more sense of community and connection. I go up on our roof and see dozens of people enjoying the evening air, many talking to one another across the distance. I spoke with some neighbors this morning from our balcony as they were waving and playing with Shakeena from below.

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  2. Karen Vallaire

    Your home is spacious compared to yours when we visited. It’s lovely. And your own rooftop to get outside and feel the sun and air and space – I’m glad you have it. My heart goes out to your neighbors and friends who already struggle to survive. I truly hope the government provides for them soon. Take care, stay safe, and know that you’re in my thoughts and heart.


  3. Yes, it was quite different when it was just one room and no outdoor space, huh? Peregrine had wanted outdoor space for some time, especially after Shakeenah was born. It used to be much more crowded when a family of six lived in the room next to us, but then they moved out and Shadia moved in, so now it feels roomy comparatively.


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