Alia passed away on Monday morning at 11:30am.

The last time I saw her was the Wednesday before, when I violated the lockdown to give her sisters their salaries and a little extra for Alia’s medicine and other needs. She was asleep so I was just in and out.  The last time I had spoken to her was about a week and a half earlier. She had smiled for me, I thought she was doing better than before.

Because of the lockdown I didn’t know that she took a turn for the worse on Saturday, that she was struggling when I was writing on Sunday. The first we heard was an hour after she passed. Peregrine and Shadia broke lockdown to pay their respects to the family. I went sometime later, watched her body taken away in the funeral procession, saw her sisters’ tears.

Alia was the hardest working, most dedicated student I have ever had. She loved her sisters and was loved by them. She loved Shakeenah and was loved by her. Before she lost the ability to talk, the only things she asked of me was to bring the drama teachers back, and to bring Shakeenah to play.

I don’t feel I’ve dealt with the reality yet. There’s a lot more I don’t want to say. I can’t give a better tribute to Alia than what I’ve already wrote last year so I’ll end there.

Alia who never gives up (her reading)

Alia who never gives up, continued (her illness)


Pray for Alia and all her family and all who love her.


5 thoughts on “Alia

  1. Marsha

    I’m so sorry for the loss. I read her story to our kids some time ago. Praying for you all. This is heartbreaking.


  2. Karen Vallaire

    I’m so sorry. I had hoped Alia had healed enough over the months to have a fighting chance. My heart hurts for her family and for you and Peregrine.


  3. Lauren Daehnke

    I am so very sorry for your lost. My thoughts and prayers are with Alia and her family. She was blessed to have you, Rose and Sophia in her life. 


  4. Rachel Hauser

    Hi Jon

    very moving! How sad! What a girl and family…! Beautiful what she was to those around her.  Beautiful what you were patiently able to do with and for her. Thanks for sharing the story. I am holding you and them and all who grieve for Alia.

    Deeply touched, Rachel


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