In whose interest?

Basil the Great, among the most renowned of the early Church fathers, states: When the prophet wished to describe in words those who have attained perfection, those who are about to attain to everlasting life, he reckoned among their noble works the following: “They do not lend money at interest.” This sin is denounced in …

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Saudi Arabian Airlines HZ-AR12 787-900 EGCC 05.08.2017 OVER 1.5 MILLION VIEWS by airplanes_uk on Flikr

Unintended consequences

I posted about my friends' loss of their fathers because I was thinking about Danish. He left the slum two weeks ago to work in Saudi Arabia. He will be gone two years. Away from his home, his family, his country. They saw it as the best option for Danish to begin to help the …

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How we worship in the holiday season

Advertisers work to make us insecure, make us believe that our lives won't be good enough until we buy more things. Technology is designed to be obsolete and replaced within a year by expensive new products. Clothes go out of fashion by the next season. Consumer goods are designed to break down before the next …

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