A mela in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, India. No billiard balls here, just unpredictable interactions on an endlessly variegated surface.

Unravelling Complexity.

In desiring to include more success stories about charities doing the right thing, I solicited a guest post from Jeph Mathias. Jeph works with a variety of NGOs across Asia (and beyond), specializing in the idea of complexity in development. This story was originally posted at Jeph's blog, unpredictable. It's Jeph from here: A small project …

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Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island in 1913. Photo courtesy National Library of France.

Who is worthy to live here?

On May 31, 1912, nineteen-year-old Frank Zebrauskas and his brother Anthony stepped off a ship onto Ellis Island. Though originating from Lithuania they had used the Russian spelling of their name, Zabrowski, on the ship’s manifest. As with all Ellis Island arrivals, that spelling became their official identification. No pre-approval was necessary and 98% of …

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Christmas at the mall by CameliaTWU at https://www.flickr.com/photos/cameliatwu/8285628279/

How we worship in the holiday season

Advertisers work to make us insecure, feel that our lives won't be good enough until we buy more things. Technology is designed to be obsolete within a year, to be replaced by expensive new products. Clothes go out of fashion by the next season. Consumer goods break down before the next holiday rolls around. Many …

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Inviting those who can’t pay you back, Part II

The tension was heavy. Fatima and Ali explained their financial situation. Their landlord had raised the already-inflated rent another 25% in an effort to get them to leave. They used everything they had to pay her, and now could not afford food. Their oldest daughter had to be pulled out of school to rush the …

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